Holiday Shopping Guide!!

Holiday Shopping Guide!!

Hello everyone!

I hope your holiday season has been fantastic thus far! Because I own a retail business and love surviving to the next month, I've assembled a small shopping guide for some of our products! While the collection is listed as a whole, I wanted to highlight a few items for some specific interests. If you've got a gift to get for someone into the following, just hit the links!

See the whole collection here!

Magic the Gathering:

$5           -               DU Draft Pack, BW Draft Pack, and BW Jumpstart Pack
$50         -               12-Pocket Binder
$40-$50  -              Commander Decks 1, 2, 3, and 4


$5           -              Duels from the Deep Pack, Crystal Revenge Pack
$15         -               Structure Decks: Dark World or Crystal Beasts
$25         -              Magnificent Mavens


$5           -              Silver Tempest Booster Pack
$25         -              Collector Tin
$40         -              9-Pocket Arceus Binder, 9-Pocket Pikachu, 12-Pocket Pikachu
$125       -               Charizard Ultra Premium Collection

Dungeons and Dragons:

$5-$15    -               Dice and Miniatures, available in-shop
$40-50    -              Books, such as Dragonlance, Monsters of the Multiverse, and Radiant Citadel!

Board Games:

$25         -              Astra, Ticket to Ride Amsterdam or a Catan Expansion 
$50         -              Settlers of Catan
$125       -               Gloomhaven, the biggest board game we've had in store!!

Hopefully this helps to narrow some things down for you! If you have any questions on what might work for an individual, checking prices, or anything else, please give us a call at 217-607-1638! And above all, have a wonderful holiday season!

Best of wishes,